Round two,

A new version of you

YOU, 2.0


"I don't know what to do next."

"I didn't know that option was even available to me!"



What do YOU want for your next part of your life? Start a business? Join a new industry? What are the next steps? What do you do now? We can help answer that for you.

Complete the training, change how you treat yourself. Do the work, see the results.

You committed to your country and now it is time to commit to yourself. Take the first step and manage your symptoms. Gain camaraderie and accountability while doing something you may have never done before. It's not about the results, it's about the commitment.

You, 2.0

Mind & body go hand in hand

Seeing clearly helps with your own trajectory. What are you willing to do for yourself, after being willing to die for your country. YOU are worth more.


We don't do the work for you,

but help provide the tools for your success.

The success belongs to you.


Create a personal goal, break down training with your brothers/sisters in arms. Regain the teamwork mentality while increasing your physical well-being.

Add training and coaching to better keep your mind focused on achieving your goals. (costs may apply)

Discuss your nutrition with a licensed nutritionist. Proper nutrition helps with not only with athletic stamina, but can assist in decreasing daily joint pains (costs may apply)


Hold others accountable while they hold you accountable for your goals. Celebrate achievements, creating a new network supporting your progress.

Peer Accountability

Podcasts (Coming Soon)

Create your own plan for making "You 2.0" and achieve your goals.

Get inspired and listen to interviews with others who have sat where you have sat, and created a new version of themselves post service.


Steps to Hit Your Goals

What to start a new business or enter into a new field? Access information portals to better assist with the next steps in your dreams and goals.

Business Tools

Join a new online community of like-minded individuals along the same path. Utilize each others experiences to better answer "what do I do next?"

Online Community

Services Available to Members

Other services

Private Online Community

Converse with like-minded people, collaborate on goals, enable teamwork, expand your network.

Hear from business leaders, expand your knowledge of options and processes, understand your own "next steps" on your path to You, 2.0.



Create both a personal and professional networks towards You, 2.0.